World's first magnetic pump in TRIBRID-TECHNOLOGY.

The SADE-TRIBRID-SYSTEM concerns a magnetic pump, which separates the functional areas pump and magnetic drive by the integration of SADE-SYSTEM. As a result, an intended operation/control of the different functional areas is enabled. This creates three different, separate functional spaces: PUMP-CHAMBER, BARRIER-FLUID-CHAMBER and MAGNETIC-DRIVE-CHAMBER. By arranging SADE-SYSTEM between the PUMP-CHAMBER and the MAGNETIC-DRIVE-CHAMBER with integrated bearing all the disadvantages of conventional magnetic pumps are eliminated. The medium is held in the PUMP-CHAMBER and separated from the magnetic-drive and bearing by the resulting BARRIER-FLUID-CHAMBER. Solids or highly viscous media do not enter the bearing or the gap spaces of the magnetic-drive. Bearing damage and clogging of the narrow flow channels are effectively prevented.


  • Reliable conveying of media with solid particles
  • No unwanted heat input via the magnetic coupling into the medium (especially for metallic single isolation shells)
  • No bearing damage or other cavitation damage
  • Worldwide first: Conveying of non-Newtonian (rheological) fluids by means of a magnetic pump
  • No shear or other fluid mechanical effects on the medium through the bearings and the single isolation shell; the medium does not get into this area
  • Delivery pressure does not depend on the design or material of the single isolation shell (in the first instance limited to a maximum of 10 bar), but according to the design of SADE-SYSTEM (standard- version 25 bar; with special version a significantly higher pressure is possible)
  • No special design for the single isolation shell is needed
  • Pressure surges from the pump-chamber do not reach the single isolation shell
  • No deformation (with metal isolation shells)
  • No breaks (with ceramic isolation shells)
  • No breaking of slide bearings due to the use of roller bearings
  • No external flushing and no external or internal solid filters necessary
  • Partial load operation possible without time limit (e.g. greatly reduced in bypass mode). No overheating of the pump
  • No dry running of the pump due to the use of self-venting barrier-fluid-chamber and magnetic-drive-chamber