SADE-SYSTEM. Innovative system solutions since 1985.

Two generations, one vision.
Future Production.

SADE GmbH is an innovation-oriented company that has been involved in the development, manufacture and marketing of high-performance sealing systems since its foundation by Manfred Sade in 1985. The know-how gained in more than 30 years of company history in the field of sealing technology in combination with a profound understanding for the needs of customers is successfully used by the company today also in the field of pump technology. With the TRIBRID-PUMP, SADE has created a completely new type of pump that avoids all the disadvantages of conventional magnetic pumps. For the first time in the world, for example, non-Newtonian (rheological) fluids can be pumped.

With Mr. Dennis Otibar joining the company management, two generations of the Sade family are now working on creating extraordinary values for their customers through outstanding innovations, genuine customer orientation and the special quality standards.